Friday, December 21, 2012


I feel so lame being super into the 90s look sometimes. But I really can't help myself, I'm probably the biggest fangirl of the 90s ever... thats also probably a hyperbole. I wasn't even zero when 1990 happened, I spent five long ones in the 90s, but for at last half of that time I was realizing shit like: what my hand was, and holy shit a cardboard box is so dope. Yet I'm so nostalgic about the things I wasn't apart oF, I could quote myself whining  bring the nineties bacckk way more times than I need to.  And I don't mean bring my childhood back, I mean bring the adulthood I couldn't even comprehend back. I guess it's the fact that I never got it, that I could have, and that everyone else that had moved on from skydancers (I'll never move on from skydancers) was getting nineties fashion shoved down their throats. I remember in the early 2000 thinking that wide heels looked bad... why the hell did I ever think that? I really wish I was born just a few years earlier, or actually that my mom was born a few years earlier and then had me at the same age that she did... teen mom wasn't a thing in the late eighties, mtv was too busy broadcasting the "m" part. If I'm honest with myself, I didn't realllyy grow up in the nineties, I just existed in it. But god damnit I'm going to become an adult in the 90s and fulfill my dreams throw some awesome clothes, hear me roar.
Uh yeah you'd need a fuzzy cropped sweater if you were going to rock a 90s look. I found this guy on thevelveteencloset's etsy. It's sold... so sad. But seriously wear this with some faded high waisted pants a flannel and silvery lipgloss and you're 1995 all the way baby.

The tattoo choker. We all hopefully remember this one. They're a way cooler version of silly bands that came way earlier... but who are we kidding, silly bands will have their nostalgic comeback just like these lil poops.
Okay if you're a dude and you're reading this, don't go out and buy one of these. This one is kind of s stupid one, but imagine if an awesome girl brought these computer graphics shirts back with weird leggings and cool shoes?? It would be amazing. If you are that girl please visit HumanNightmare's etsy. And there are so many goodies in that store beyond this piece. 

But the thing we all miss the most, setting aside clothing, are those computer graphics. So here you go:

Yours for evurrrzzz

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