Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kimmie Oh No

Okay, I realize that it's still winter, but I like to plan ahead. And this spring I am planning on wearing a kimono jacket on the regular. Actually.. I'm not that patient, I'll probably start wearing them now (it's warm enough inside right? Who cares about how cold it is outside). I realized I needed one when I started to think to myself my outfit would be perfect with a kimono...every single morning when I got dressed. And god damn it it would be! Right now I can't imagine a cooler outfit than a sleek grey-ish (con muchos pretty patterns) kimono over a simple black jeans+lose black T/tank+heels combo.
Look at how perfect they are:
This lovely one teaspoon kimono is brought to you by my discovery of it on Asos, and it's on sale right now. Yes, I would get on that if I were you.

As much as I'm not that into UO, this kimono from there is pretty fly. However, fromt he look of it, it seems like the fabric is kind of starchy, kimonos need flow, so stick to chiffon/chiffon-like material.
And here my lovely friends, is my perfect kimono... waiting for me on Vintage Grime's etsy... I swear if anyone buys this (and it's not for me) I will, as Leslie Knope beautifully put it: " your throat out." 

Disclaimer: I don't think the kimono will be too breath taking if it's used to aid a bohemian look, not in the winter anyways. I think a kimono should fall under "over-sized fashion", treat it that way, keep outfits underneath simple and clean cut. Geishas do not fuck around with too my accessories and do-dads and other unnecessary shit... they just let the kimono shine, take a note from them.

Forever and ever,
L34H $$

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