Monday, December 3, 2012

Anyone Can Know Everything

Anyone can know everything, we live online. Your entire personality is online, that is, if you're still the person you were when you had a myspace, and you're the person you pretend to be in your facebook pictures, and the contant steam of thoughts on your twitter are organic, honest, and totally not erased five million times until they perfectly reflect who you want to be perceived as. Admit it, this generation is socially retarded, we're literally hiding from ourselves while being exposed to the world in glass boxes. This is why I think having see through accessories is going to be the next big thing. I called it, don't forget that. It's totally a true prediction too, what's the difference between a see through bag where everyone can see what you carry and the interests section of your social media site? Absolutely nothing.  We both know that you pick everything you put in there carefully, staying mildly honest, but never straying from the fact that you're appealing to an audience. We're only honest in our heads and in the pages of the diary we only write to ourselves (not the diary you write kind of to yourself and leave somewhere for someone to find.... wait I'm the only one whose done this? Come on...). It's too easy to white lie, and way to hard to be ourselves. So I'm thinking, whatever, I'll embrace it, my form of honesty will be served to you on the platter of, I'm aware I'm pretending, so look at the things in my see through bag.

Who the hell says clear shoes are for strippers, they are so not, Cinderella rocked that shit in the first place. And if you wear toe rings in the winter (why) now everyone will know. Unless you're reasonable and wear cool socks with these instead of turning on every living thing with a foot fetish. I found these suckers on nasty gal, shop there for outrageous things only.

I found this lil' keeper on karmaloop. This Flud watch shows off the bones of your wrist (if you're normal) or the little fat rolls that lead to the start of your food shovels (if, you're addicted to drinking vegetable oil). A clear watch doesn't reveal much but it does act as a perfect accessory: it goes with everything.

Oh my god, statement piece of the year right here, literally pandora's box on your arm! This bag comes from aemiamore's etsy, and is straight from the god old days when being extremely fancy on the regular didn't take you look like a fool. God I need this.

And there you go you fake bitch, perfect accessories to match your "perfect" persona. I'm just kidding. You're not fake. How can anyone be called out for being fake when fake is the new normal? Like I said, let's just embrace this and continue editing our tweet.

Yours for always,

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