Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter is coming

Cold seasons are the best seasons for fashion. Any given day you can wear about three outfits, and you don't have to go home to change in order to rock them, you just wear them in shells, simple as that. However not all of us realize this. Which is a shame. The coat, which is an essential part of every wardrobe, sometimes loses it's sparkle as a fashion statement. Whether you realize it or not, the moment you put your coat on, you are donning a new outfit, an outer outfit if you will. I think that more often than not, a coat is thought of something that you will just shed to reveal your actual outfit, but that is such a boring way to look at a coat. It's main function is to keep you warm, but so is a blanket's, and hopefully none of you sport those on the daily (although if you're eccentric enough, it could really work). If you've fallen into the endlessly boring abyss of wearing a coat that doesn't make you feel like a million bucks, listen up, because you need to buy/trade/find something pronto. Here are my humble opinions as to what makes a good coat this season:

1. Furry Friend
You've got to feel like a diva in order to pull this off, enough said.

2. Classic Jean
This kind of jacket will never go out of style. But not every jean jacket is classic. Be wary of variations, there have been too many jean jackets that end up in spunky 57 year old women's closet, wait until you're 57 to buy a jean jacket like that.

3. Leather
As soon as the leather jacket made it's debut it stole the hearts of all of us. Like the jean jacket, the leather jacket also has it's variations, be just as wary.

4. Not-black peacoat
Everyone and their mother has a black peacoat. Peacoats are so popular because they are cut to make you look awesome. But spice things up god damnit, and make a statement with a bright color that is not black...

5. Carhartt
Who says that carhartts can only be wore by men who like to fish. They look adorable on women, especially over a girly dress.

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