Monday, November 19, 2012

Talk with your eyes, speak with your lips

I'm tired of getting frustrated about my eyeliner wings not matching, my mascara never washing off right, and feeling like I look the same every day because I'm afraid to try new eye shadow. But the thing is, this frustration can be completely avoided, I don't need to put anything on my eyes, they'll still show me the world in 20-30 vision, and there is no rule that says: wake up early enough in order to rub shit on your eyelids. Yet I follow that rule as if it was tattooed on me... So I'm going to propose a new trend to get out of this funk: bare eyes and to balance this, bold unusual (aka give red a break) lips. Not all colors look good on all skin types, so lemme break it down for yeww. And the coolest part about unusual lip colors is that you can make the colors yourself, with some chapstick/lipgloss and all your eyeshadow that you're tired of.

1. Dark, deep skin (purple undertones)
Lucky you, ugh, literally almost all bright colors are going to look good on you. The only thing you have to worry about is your teeth looking kind of yellow. So try these colors out:

  • pale silvery pink: Go for something more on the metallic side, and think the color of sunlight when wearing rose colored glasses whilst mixing.
  • bright orange: Try to stay matte (use eyeshadow with no sparkle or shimmer and mix with the kind of chapstick that comes in a pot), and experiment with the amount of coverage from sheer to thick (warning this might make teeth look yellow)
  • robin egg blue: It seems outlandish but with a dusting of confidence and a simple outfit you'll look like a googleplex of 10 dollar bills (thats more money than most can imagine). 
2. Café con leche skin (caramel undertones)
When you blush your skin glows like brand new light brite on Christmas circa 1997. Reds and pinks look perfect on you. Your fortune in colors:
  • pastel pink: no neons, just a very very soft pink
  • Almost black marron: a very deep red, just mix red lipstick with a tiny bit of black shadow
3. Olive skin (yellow undertones)
Like café con leche skin you look awesome with pinks. But unlike café con leche skin, soft colors are not you, go bright, bright, bright. 
  • neon pink: pair this with muted colors, or you will look like barbie.
  • light purple: keep this matte, with shimmer your teeth will appear yellowy. 
4. Pale (red undertones)
If you have a fake tan, or use bronzer, or look in the mirror and wish you were more tan, stop. Stop right now, embrace what you were given (that statement goes for everyone), because you look like a pearl. A pearl! What contrasts with light? Dark.
  • black: don't be scared to do this, especially if you have blonde hair, matte and lipgloss shiny both look great
  • deep blue: shimmer, shimmer, shimmer, this will also look great if you have blonde hair, but will look the best if you have dark eyebrows (too), dark hair of course will always look perfect... (I'm a brunette). 
  • purple: blueish purple and reddish purple will both work perfectly.

Happy experimenting bebez

~~Yours Forevur,

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