Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dressed with Thought

In the basement of my university, Portland State, lives a special creature named Food for Thought, and I love the shit out of it. I discovered Food for Thought a few weeks into my freshman year, and I am so fucking glad I did. If I hadn’t, I’d most likely drown in my sorrows directly above it in the dirty stupid hell-hole that is known as the “university café”… or something like that, I don’t even care. The friendliest, best looking people in the whole wide world run Food for Thought, and they sell food and coffee that matches their attitude and appearance. Oh you’re vegan and only have a few bucks? Go to Food for Thought. Oh you can’t eat gluten and also only have a few bucks? Go to Food for Thought. Oh you only have a dollar (you spent the rest of the few bucks on some delicious food) and really need a cup of coffee? Go to Food for thought. All of this isn’t even the best part. It’s as if there is a magnet that pulls on everyone who is dressed nice and they all find themselves sitting at a table in this perfect café, it’s like magic. I god damn mother fucking love the shit out of it!
And now, wonderful reader, please get an eyeful of some of the beautiful people who flock, like me, to this wonderful place. 
All pictures taken by the great Kim Guttinger, read more about her at the read of the article.

This is Kyle, he was kind of reluctant to have his picture taken, he claimed he looked bad....uh... sure Kyle, you look awful. Not.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My belt, I got it for free, everything I'm wearing is free, except my boots. 

Very thrifty Kyle, you'll be a great economist someday, and a great husband... my husband? Just kidding that's creepy... unless you don't think it is... Annyywayyysss....

This is Maddy, ain't she cute! She kept complaining about how she thought she was going to look awkward.... psh, maybe if awkward meant cute.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My scarf, I made it myself.
Aw, makes me want to learn how to knit... but to be honest with myself I'm not cute enough to knit... let me just type the word cute again, it's starting to sound like it's not a word. cute.

This is Molly, she had us crop out her face because she felt like she looked tired. It's dead week right now Molly, we all look tired. Not me though (let me take another swig of my gallon of coffee).

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My dress, it's really comfortable. Also this is my mom's sweater.

Oh yes, a fellow mom's clothes stealer, where the only form of punishment is a "God damnit Leah, where the hell is my [insert any kind of clothing item, I've stole them all, heehee]!??!!?"

This is Samantha, she was sitting at a table studying (as are most people here), and she is still there, that's some dedication girl.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My shirt.

Like your sweater?
No, my shirt (lifts sweater a little), I like it because I slept in it. 

Convenient, fast, comfortable. Just as long as you don't ever wear graphic pajama pants in public, wearing what you slept in an absolutely acceptable choice.

This is Megan (without an h), she was sitting with Maddy. After approaching Maddy I couldn't help but to notice what I thought was her bag, but it turned out to be Megan's. Maddy's fear of awkwardness rubbed off on Megan, jeez, let me tell you ladies, you need to look up what awkward means because you guys are far from it.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
I like the kale on my bag, and I like button ups under sweaters. (she was wearing a button up under a sweater)

Agreed Megan, a collar peaking from anything looks great to me.

And lastly this is Michael. He was sitting behind Samantha eating something delicious looking.

What's your favorite thing about your outfit?
My hat, my friends tell me it looks hand drawn.

I then continued the conversation by mentioning an artist that takes pictures of people painted like.. well people in a painting to create a surreal look, I forgot the artist's name though. Here Michael: Alexa Meade.

And there you have it a little snippet of Food for Thought fashion.

Yours forever,

P.S. Kim Guttinger is a Chemistry major at PSU and a good friend of mine. She just got a tattoo of Switzerland because that's where she's from. She enjoys large cups of hot chocolate, and corgis. She's pretty damn cool.

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