Sunday, November 25, 2012

Conqueror of the retail store

So let's say that you aren't extremely stylish, or that fashion isn't really your thing, or you just don't feel like you really know what will be in style in the coming year... these things probably don't describe you, but let's just talk hypothetical here. Hypothetically, you probably don't go shopping because if you aren't fashionable and you never have been you never will be right? So why try. So why try?! Because clothes are more than what you cover your naughty bits with, they're a layer of your culture. Your god damn culture. They're pieces of fabric that communicate with strangers to give a little glimpse into who you are, clothes are important, having a personal style is important, and it's never ever too late to develop one.You aren't unstylish because you really could give less of a shit (you're on a fashion blog), so most likely you've tried and failed at a shopping trip (hypothetically)... you bought the same lame stuff that doesn't really look good, or the super trendy spendy item that you knew deep down you would never wear, well don't worry.... you are never ever going to make a mistake again, and you can bet my life on it (hypothetically).

Ok step one, the destination. There are about a bazillion and five clothing stores out there, how the hell are you supposed to choose?! Simple, let your wallet choose. In a successful shopping trip you should aim to buy two shirts, a bottom, and then something else, be it another shirt or bottom, an accessory: shoes, glasses, whatever... keep it limited, not every shopping trip is a spree. Choose a destination where two shirts, a bottom, and a wild card item aren't going to break the bank. And don't just go to one store. Pick a destination where there are at least three good stores near each other. And I pray to Coco Chanel that you don't pick the mall.

Step dos, getting stuff. You have entered the store, what the hell do you do now... well just wait around five seconds because someone is going to ask you if they can help you. Oh yes, you forgot that those sort of people existed because you usually ignore them. Stop ignoring them! They were hired for a reason, and that reason is that they know what they're doing, they know the clothes they're selling, and believe it or not, in one look they know what you need. So say yes, and you know what, maybe you have before but then they hit you with a hard one: "What are you looking for?". And this is where things fell apart, but if you hit them back with this your shopping trip will go from an embarrassing fall on your face, to an elegant vacation: "What should I be looking for?". But keep in mind, you are the one who will be wearing the clothes not the shop keeper. You know who you are, make sure to voice that.

Step tres, trying stuff on. If you don't try stuff on, it's almost a guarantee that you will buy stuff that you thought you loved and end up hating it. If you didn't bring a friend to help you decide you will also buy something you thought you looked awesome in and then end up looking like a fool. Sometimes we just don't make the right choices and a voice of reason is always useful to have.

And there you go, in three simple steps your clothing will start to reflect someone your proud to show off. You'll look awesome, but more than that, you will FEEL awesome.

Happy shopping,
Yours forever,

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