Friday, December 21, 2012


I feel so lame being super into the 90s look sometimes. But I really can't help myself, I'm probably the biggest fangirl of the 90s ever... thats also probably a hyperbole. I wasn't even zero when 1990 happened, I spent five long ones in the 90s, but for at last half of that time I was realizing shit like: what my hand was, and holy shit a cardboard box is so dope. Yet I'm so nostalgic about the things I wasn't apart oF, I could quote myself whining  bring the nineties bacckk way more times than I need to.  And I don't mean bring my childhood back, I mean bring the adulthood I couldn't even comprehend back. I guess it's the fact that I never got it, that I could have, and that everyone else that had moved on from skydancers (I'll never move on from skydancers) was getting nineties fashion shoved down their throats. I remember in the early 2000 thinking that wide heels looked bad... why the hell did I ever think that? I really wish I was born just a few years earlier, or actually that my mom was born a few years earlier and then had me at the same age that she did... teen mom wasn't a thing in the late eighties, mtv was too busy broadcasting the "m" part. If I'm honest with myself, I didn't realllyy grow up in the nineties, I just existed in it. But god damnit I'm going to become an adult in the 90s and fulfill my dreams throw some awesome clothes, hear me roar.
Uh yeah you'd need a fuzzy cropped sweater if you were going to rock a 90s look. I found this guy on thevelveteencloset's etsy. It's sold... so sad. But seriously wear this with some faded high waisted pants a flannel and silvery lipgloss and you're 1995 all the way baby.

The tattoo choker. We all hopefully remember this one. They're a way cooler version of silly bands that came way earlier... but who are we kidding, silly bands will have their nostalgic comeback just like these lil poops.
Okay if you're a dude and you're reading this, don't go out and buy one of these. This one is kind of s stupid one, but imagine if an awesome girl brought these computer graphics shirts back with weird leggings and cool shoes?? It would be amazing. If you are that girl please visit HumanNightmare's etsy. And there are so many goodies in that store beyond this piece. 

But the thing we all miss the most, setting aside clothing, are those computer graphics. So here you go:

Yours for evurrrzzz

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

C O C O x D U T C H 3 $ $

Oh baby, it's Coco, Manda, Amanda. If you don't know her by now, educate yourself, she is the next big thing. She believes that the best style should confuse you, and it is so true, because true originality should be so fresh that only the creator herself knows what the fuck it's about.

Coco interview from Leah Maldnado on Vimeo.

All of these pictures are by the lovely Frankie Tricamo-Palmer. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kimmie Oh No

Okay, I realize that it's still winter, but I like to plan ahead. And this spring I am planning on wearing a kimono jacket on the regular. Actually.. I'm not that patient, I'll probably start wearing them now (it's warm enough inside right? Who cares about how cold it is outside). I realized I needed one when I started to think to myself my outfit would be perfect with a kimono...every single morning when I got dressed. And god damn it it would be! Right now I can't imagine a cooler outfit than a sleek grey-ish (con muchos pretty patterns) kimono over a simple black jeans+lose black T/tank+heels combo.
Look at how perfect they are:
This lovely one teaspoon kimono is brought to you by my discovery of it on Asos, and it's on sale right now. Yes, I would get on that if I were you.

As much as I'm not that into UO, this kimono from there is pretty fly. However, fromt he look of it, it seems like the fabric is kind of starchy, kimonos need flow, so stick to chiffon/chiffon-like material.
And here my lovely friends, is my perfect kimono... waiting for me on Vintage Grime's etsy... I swear if anyone buys this (and it's not for me) I will, as Leslie Knope beautifully put it: " your throat out." 

Disclaimer: I don't think the kimono will be too breath taking if it's used to aid a bohemian look, not in the winter anyways. I think a kimono should fall under "over-sized fashion", treat it that way, keep outfits underneath simple and clean cut. Geishas do not fuck around with too my accessories and do-dads and other unnecessary shit... they just let the kimono shine, take a note from them.

Forever and ever,
L34H $$

Monday, December 3, 2012

Anyone Can Know Everything

Anyone can know everything, we live online. Your entire personality is online, that is, if you're still the person you were when you had a myspace, and you're the person you pretend to be in your facebook pictures, and the contant steam of thoughts on your twitter are organic, honest, and totally not erased five million times until they perfectly reflect who you want to be perceived as. Admit it, this generation is socially retarded, we're literally hiding from ourselves while being exposed to the world in glass boxes. This is why I think having see through accessories is going to be the next big thing. I called it, don't forget that. It's totally a true prediction too, what's the difference between a see through bag where everyone can see what you carry and the interests section of your social media site? Absolutely nothing.  We both know that you pick everything you put in there carefully, staying mildly honest, but never straying from the fact that you're appealing to an audience. We're only honest in our heads and in the pages of the diary we only write to ourselves (not the diary you write kind of to yourself and leave somewhere for someone to find.... wait I'm the only one whose done this? Come on...). It's too easy to white lie, and way to hard to be ourselves. So I'm thinking, whatever, I'll embrace it, my form of honesty will be served to you on the platter of, I'm aware I'm pretending, so look at the things in my see through bag.

Who the hell says clear shoes are for strippers, they are so not, Cinderella rocked that shit in the first place. And if you wear toe rings in the winter (why) now everyone will know. Unless you're reasonable and wear cool socks with these instead of turning on every living thing with a foot fetish. I found these suckers on nasty gal, shop there for outrageous things only.

I found this lil' keeper on karmaloop. This Flud watch shows off the bones of your wrist (if you're normal) or the little fat rolls that lead to the start of your food shovels (if, you're addicted to drinking vegetable oil). A clear watch doesn't reveal much but it does act as a perfect accessory: it goes with everything.

Oh my god, statement piece of the year right here, literally pandora's box on your arm! This bag comes from aemiamore's etsy, and is straight from the god old days when being extremely fancy on the regular didn't take you look like a fool. God I need this.

And there you go you fake bitch, perfect accessories to match your "perfect" persona. I'm just kidding. You're not fake. How can anyone be called out for being fake when fake is the new normal? Like I said, let's just embrace this and continue editing our tweet.

Yours for always,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Growing up in a vintage store

My mother seldom talks about herself as a young adult, she very much lives in the now. But when the rare nostalgic wind sweeps her thoughts I’m there listening to every word, because more than anything in the whole wide world, I wish I wish I wish, I remembered every single moment of my childhood when my mother was this woman that I can feel myself becoming.
At 23 she had me, and a few years later she made the best decision in my life. The memory is fading, but I can vaguely remember stuffing a car with hangers and boxes and taking my last glimpse of my grandparent’s house in Corpus Christi, Texas. From there it’s as if I teleported to my beloved city, Portland, because I have absolutely no memory of the trip. But poof, there we were in our small studio apartment on NW 23rd surrounded by the trees my mother says she moved for. In the mid 90s, NW 23rd was not the yuppie haven it is now. It was a little rough around the edges, a little faded, a little ripped, it was your favorite flannel in the form of a neighborhood. And I loved the hell out of that flannel. There was this guy that rode his bike all over the place and he would stop in front of you, curl his hand into a tube, put it to his eye, and intently ask, Can you see it?! CAN YOU SEE IT?! I really miss that guy, no ounce of sarcasm in that statement. He was part of the character of that area, I might even go as far as saying was the character of that area. I really miss a lot of things about the neighborhood, too much has changed.
I’ll miss nothing more than my mom’s vintage shop though, I continuously beg her to open it up again, but she continuously dismisses me, I already did that, I’ve moved on. I wish everyone could have seen her store through my child eyes, because only then do I think everyone would understand how lame it is that her excuse is I already did that. It was so amazing. The store was a few blocks from our apartment, past the hospital by a bit, and down two blocks on NW 21st and Northrup. Right outside of the shop stood her hand painted sign that read ‘Ropa Usada’ in warm colors (which she commissioned a homeless old hippy to do for her), and right inside were two mannequins (that I gave the final okay to in terms of outfits), and a staircase to mother fucking heaven. It was a little kid’s dream: endless options for dressing the part in any make believe game I could literally imagine. And it gets better! Below Ropa Usada was the best place to showcase outfits: Anna Banana’s. It was my LA, New York, London, and Paris fashion week that happened every week of the year. When I arrived at my mom’s shop, my first move was to inspect the new clothing, and if there was nothing that interested me, I’d revisit my old favorites, always putting a new twist on things as to not repeat myself. One of my favorites was this beautiful aqua mini-dress. It had a tight crew neck with an opaque body that was very boxy, very late 60s, and flowing chiffon sleeves that came in at the wrists with a band of the body’s material and a big round white button. I’d throw that on paired with a hat and whatever shoes I was wearing, at a young age I knew that walking with confidence took shoes that fit. And then, walking with all the confidence in the world (that my shoes could muster), I’d enter Anna Banana’s to be greeted by the smell of coffee and clove cigarettes. Everyone knew me, the regulars at least, and they’d chant, Princess Leah, Princess Leah! That might be a memory through a bit of a conceited lens, but dressed the way I used to, I couldn’t help but be a bit of a diva. The back room of the coffee shop was where all the Metropolitan Learning Center kids hung out when they were skipping school, and because they were teenagers, they were basically gods to me and I clung to them with every single one of my pint sized finger nails. I’d give them tattoos in sharpie, tell them their cigarettes would kill them one day, and more or less give them the best fashion advice a kid could give. I was the cool aunt they never had in a small child’s body. They loved me. But if only they could have got to know my mother, she was a little too busy to be giving tattoos and advice. She did make frequent trips downstairs for a “Doo Dee Doo”, espresso mixed with coffee (which enabled her to single handedly rip out all the carpet from the store and remove it, if that’s not a caffeine high… what the hell is?!). I’m sure they at least got a glimpse of her then, and if they hadn’t, they were missing out. Of course my mom looks good now, but I’m currently obsessed with the 90s, so my mother circa 1990-something looked fucking fantastic. She had short straight across bangs with a chin length bob, never wore (and still doesn’t) a drop of makeup except for the occasional deep, dark, rep lip, and always, always, a perfect outfit. Some might imagine a vintage storeowner to wear something flashy, something eccentric, something straight from the rack of the store, and a lot of owners do, but my mom kept it simple. She mixed in pieces, be it a broach, a jacket, shoes, whatever, she styled herself perfectly. Her favorite outfit was a long black skirt with a banlon turtleneck.
I keep the memories of growing up in a vintage shop way too close to my heart. The memories creep up on me every morning when I’m picking my outfit, every time I go shopping, every time I do anything just about. I’d never trade them for anything, except maybe a vintage Channel clutch… but I’d probably regret it in an instant if I did. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dressed with Thought

In the basement of my university, Portland State, lives a special creature named Food for Thought, and I love the shit out of it. I discovered Food for Thought a few weeks into my freshman year, and I am so fucking glad I did. If I hadn’t, I’d most likely drown in my sorrows directly above it in the dirty stupid hell-hole that is known as the “university café”… or something like that, I don’t even care. The friendliest, best looking people in the whole wide world run Food for Thought, and they sell food and coffee that matches their attitude and appearance. Oh you’re vegan and only have a few bucks? Go to Food for Thought. Oh you can’t eat gluten and also only have a few bucks? Go to Food for Thought. Oh you only have a dollar (you spent the rest of the few bucks on some delicious food) and really need a cup of coffee? Go to Food for thought. All of this isn’t even the best part. It’s as if there is a magnet that pulls on everyone who is dressed nice and they all find themselves sitting at a table in this perfect café, it’s like magic. I god damn mother fucking love the shit out of it!
And now, wonderful reader, please get an eyeful of some of the beautiful people who flock, like me, to this wonderful place. 
All pictures taken by the great Kim Guttinger, read more about her at the read of the article.

This is Kyle, he was kind of reluctant to have his picture taken, he claimed he looked bad....uh... sure Kyle, you look awful. Not.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My belt, I got it for free, everything I'm wearing is free, except my boots. 

Very thrifty Kyle, you'll be a great economist someday, and a great husband... my husband? Just kidding that's creepy... unless you don't think it is... Annyywayyysss....

This is Maddy, ain't she cute! She kept complaining about how she thought she was going to look awkward.... psh, maybe if awkward meant cute.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My scarf, I made it myself.
Aw, makes me want to learn how to knit... but to be honest with myself I'm not cute enough to knit... let me just type the word cute again, it's starting to sound like it's not a word. cute.

This is Molly, she had us crop out her face because she felt like she looked tired. It's dead week right now Molly, we all look tired. Not me though (let me take another swig of my gallon of coffee).

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My dress, it's really comfortable. Also this is my mom's sweater.

Oh yes, a fellow mom's clothes stealer, where the only form of punishment is a "God damnit Leah, where the hell is my [insert any kind of clothing item, I've stole them all, heehee]!??!!?"

This is Samantha, she was sitting at a table studying (as are most people here), and she is still there, that's some dedication girl.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
My shirt.

Like your sweater?
No, my shirt (lifts sweater a little), I like it because I slept in it. 

Convenient, fast, comfortable. Just as long as you don't ever wear graphic pajama pants in public, wearing what you slept in an absolutely acceptable choice.

This is Megan (without an h), she was sitting with Maddy. After approaching Maddy I couldn't help but to notice what I thought was her bag, but it turned out to be Megan's. Maddy's fear of awkwardness rubbed off on Megan, jeez, let me tell you ladies, you need to look up what awkward means because you guys are far from it.

What is your favorite thing about your outfit?
I like the kale on my bag, and I like button ups under sweaters. (she was wearing a button up under a sweater)

Agreed Megan, a collar peaking from anything looks great to me.

And lastly this is Michael. He was sitting behind Samantha eating something delicious looking.

What's your favorite thing about your outfit?
My hat, my friends tell me it looks hand drawn.

I then continued the conversation by mentioning an artist that takes pictures of people painted like.. well people in a painting to create a surreal look, I forgot the artist's name though. Here Michael: Alexa Meade.

And there you have it a little snippet of Food for Thought fashion.

Yours forever,

P.S. Kim Guttinger is a Chemistry major at PSU and a good friend of mine. She just got a tattoo of Switzerland because that's where she's from. She enjoys large cups of hot chocolate, and corgis. She's pretty damn cool.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Conqueror of the retail store

So let's say that you aren't extremely stylish, or that fashion isn't really your thing, or you just don't feel like you really know what will be in style in the coming year... these things probably don't describe you, but let's just talk hypothetical here. Hypothetically, you probably don't go shopping because if you aren't fashionable and you never have been you never will be right? So why try. So why try?! Because clothes are more than what you cover your naughty bits with, they're a layer of your culture. Your god damn culture. They're pieces of fabric that communicate with strangers to give a little glimpse into who you are, clothes are important, having a personal style is important, and it's never ever too late to develop one.You aren't unstylish because you really could give less of a shit (you're on a fashion blog), so most likely you've tried and failed at a shopping trip (hypothetically)... you bought the same lame stuff that doesn't really look good, or the super trendy spendy item that you knew deep down you would never wear, well don't worry.... you are never ever going to make a mistake again, and you can bet my life on it (hypothetically).

Ok step one, the destination. There are about a bazillion and five clothing stores out there, how the hell are you supposed to choose?! Simple, let your wallet choose. In a successful shopping trip you should aim to buy two shirts, a bottom, and then something else, be it another shirt or bottom, an accessory: shoes, glasses, whatever... keep it limited, not every shopping trip is a spree. Choose a destination where two shirts, a bottom, and a wild card item aren't going to break the bank. And don't just go to one store. Pick a destination where there are at least three good stores near each other. And I pray to Coco Chanel that you don't pick the mall.

Step dos, getting stuff. You have entered the store, what the hell do you do now... well just wait around five seconds because someone is going to ask you if they can help you. Oh yes, you forgot that those sort of people existed because you usually ignore them. Stop ignoring them! They were hired for a reason, and that reason is that they know what they're doing, they know the clothes they're selling, and believe it or not, in one look they know what you need. So say yes, and you know what, maybe you have before but then they hit you with a hard one: "What are you looking for?". And this is where things fell apart, but if you hit them back with this your shopping trip will go from an embarrassing fall on your face, to an elegant vacation: "What should I be looking for?". But keep in mind, you are the one who will be wearing the clothes not the shop keeper. You know who you are, make sure to voice that.

Step tres, trying stuff on. If you don't try stuff on, it's almost a guarantee that you will buy stuff that you thought you loved and end up hating it. If you didn't bring a friend to help you decide you will also buy something you thought you looked awesome in and then end up looking like a fool. Sometimes we just don't make the right choices and a voice of reason is always useful to have.

And there you go, in three simple steps your clothing will start to reflect someone your proud to show off. You'll look awesome, but more than that, you will FEEL awesome.

Happy shopping,
Yours forever,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Talk with your eyes, speak with your lips

I'm tired of getting frustrated about my eyeliner wings not matching, my mascara never washing off right, and feeling like I look the same every day because I'm afraid to try new eye shadow. But the thing is, this frustration can be completely avoided, I don't need to put anything on my eyes, they'll still show me the world in 20-30 vision, and there is no rule that says: wake up early enough in order to rub shit on your eyelids. Yet I follow that rule as if it was tattooed on me... So I'm going to propose a new trend to get out of this funk: bare eyes and to balance this, bold unusual (aka give red a break) lips. Not all colors look good on all skin types, so lemme break it down for yeww. And the coolest part about unusual lip colors is that you can make the colors yourself, with some chapstick/lipgloss and all your eyeshadow that you're tired of.

1. Dark, deep skin (purple undertones)
Lucky you, ugh, literally almost all bright colors are going to look good on you. The only thing you have to worry about is your teeth looking kind of yellow. So try these colors out:

  • pale silvery pink: Go for something more on the metallic side, and think the color of sunlight when wearing rose colored glasses whilst mixing.
  • bright orange: Try to stay matte (use eyeshadow with no sparkle or shimmer and mix with the kind of chapstick that comes in a pot), and experiment with the amount of coverage from sheer to thick (warning this might make teeth look yellow)
  • robin egg blue: It seems outlandish but with a dusting of confidence and a simple outfit you'll look like a googleplex of 10 dollar bills (thats more money than most can imagine). 
2. Café con leche skin (caramel undertones)
When you blush your skin glows like brand new light brite on Christmas circa 1997. Reds and pinks look perfect on you. Your fortune in colors:
  • pastel pink: no neons, just a very very soft pink
  • Almost black marron: a very deep red, just mix red lipstick with a tiny bit of black shadow
3. Olive skin (yellow undertones)
Like café con leche skin you look awesome with pinks. But unlike café con leche skin, soft colors are not you, go bright, bright, bright. 
  • neon pink: pair this with muted colors, or you will look like barbie.
  • light purple: keep this matte, with shimmer your teeth will appear yellowy. 
4. Pale (red undertones)
If you have a fake tan, or use bronzer, or look in the mirror and wish you were more tan, stop. Stop right now, embrace what you were given (that statement goes for everyone), because you look like a pearl. A pearl! What contrasts with light? Dark.
  • black: don't be scared to do this, especially if you have blonde hair, matte and lipgloss shiny both look great
  • deep blue: shimmer, shimmer, shimmer, this will also look great if you have blonde hair, but will look the best if you have dark eyebrows (too), dark hair of course will always look perfect... (I'm a brunette). 
  • purple: blueish purple and reddish purple will both work perfectly.

Happy experimenting bebez

~~Yours Forevur,

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter is coming

Cold seasons are the best seasons for fashion. Any given day you can wear about three outfits, and you don't have to go home to change in order to rock them, you just wear them in shells, simple as that. However not all of us realize this. Which is a shame. The coat, which is an essential part of every wardrobe, sometimes loses it's sparkle as a fashion statement. Whether you realize it or not, the moment you put your coat on, you are donning a new outfit, an outer outfit if you will. I think that more often than not, a coat is thought of something that you will just shed to reveal your actual outfit, but that is such a boring way to look at a coat. It's main function is to keep you warm, but so is a blanket's, and hopefully none of you sport those on the daily (although if you're eccentric enough, it could really work). If you've fallen into the endlessly boring abyss of wearing a coat that doesn't make you feel like a million bucks, listen up, because you need to buy/trade/find something pronto. Here are my humble opinions as to what makes a good coat this season:

1. Furry Friend
You've got to feel like a diva in order to pull this off, enough said.

2. Classic Jean
This kind of jacket will never go out of style. But not every jean jacket is classic. Be wary of variations, there have been too many jean jackets that end up in spunky 57 year old women's closet, wait until you're 57 to buy a jean jacket like that.

3. Leather
As soon as the leather jacket made it's debut it stole the hearts of all of us. Like the jean jacket, the leather jacket also has it's variations, be just as wary.

4. Not-black peacoat
Everyone and their mother has a black peacoat. Peacoats are so popular because they are cut to make you look awesome. But spice things up god damnit, and make a statement with a bright color that is not black...

5. Carhartt
Who says that carhartts can only be wore by men who like to fish. They look adorable on women, especially over a girly dress.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome Bebe

Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Leah. I am a largely unknown, quiet, shy, and witty (or so I'd like to believe) person. I've had blogs in the past, and I assume I'll have blogs in the future, this lil' thang right here though, is my present, so welcome to my newest obsession.
This blog is dedicated to my idea of fashion.